The power of 3D rendering: No need for a real product

In my last few posts I have addressed several of the amazing powers of 3D rendering. These have been items like Quick product material and color variations and Interactive 3D product animations.

But one of the most amazing powers of 3D rendering, and also the most obvious one, is the fact that you can visualize something without the need of a real product. You can bring something to life that is yet to be produced.

This power brings with it tremendous benefits:

  1. Convince your audience: With an early 3D visualization you can better communicate your idea’s to your customers, project team members, management or investors.
  2. Head start for marketing and promotions: By already having a 3D render of your product, marketing and promotions can start before the actual production of the product. Think for example of promoting your product on your website, social media or a trade fair. In this way, the potential investors can already be persuaded to invest.
  3. Save in costs: 3D visualizations are easier to produce than classic photography. Which needs more equipment, a studio, a photographer and an editor. But for a 3D visualization you do not need an actual physical product yet. You can visualize using a 3D model and save costs on prototyping and production.

Let’s have a look at some example 3D visualizations. The first example is a visualization of a vintage telescope. It is an item that does not exist. But with its 3D model we are able to visualize al kinds of perspectives of this product:

And down below are some examples of products that have been produced.

Like for example the Arduino Mega 2650:

An Audi RS6:

Or these industrial brakes:

The only thing that was required was a 3D model of the product and a skilled 3D artist.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. Or leave any questions or remarks in the comments below?

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