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The power of 3D rendering: No need for a real product

In my last few posts I have addressed several of the amazing powers of 3D rendering. These have been items like Quick product material and color variations and Interactive 3D product animations. But one of the most amazing powers of 3D rendering, and also the most obvious one, is the fact that you can visualize […]

The Power of 3D Rendering: Interactive 3D animations

They say, a picture says more than a thousand words. Well an animation than speaks volumes. 3D rendering is a powerful tool that is used for making animations. One of the amazing things you can also do with it these days, is create an interactive 3D animation of the highest quality. Let’s have a look […]

The Power of 3D rendering: Quick product variations.

3D rendering is a versatile and useful tool for many purposes. One of the powerful options it provides for product visualizations is the ability to quickly generate different product material previews and color variations. This is a tremendous asset in a product’s concept design phase, or when you would like to increase your existing product […]

For the layman – How 3D Rendering Works. Part 9: Post-processing

[ about a 15 min. read ] Well we did it. We went through the whole process. We got a 3D model. Materialized it. Added textures. Edited UV maps. Set up the camera composition. Added proper lighting and we rendered our image. So now we are done right? No. Not yet. Now comes the final […]