The power of 3D product visualization

3D visualizations offers you the power to visualize your product before it has been even realized and put to the market. It can give you and your audience a preliminary view into that which yet is to be. By visualizing a product in 3D it can make things tangible for your audience during the design phase of a product. 

After the realization of a product, 3D product visualization can be used for the same and more in a large variety of marketing purposes. Commercials, product presentations, advertisement on billboards, print, websites, you name it. The right visualization can portray the right feel and charisma that you are trying to achieve for your product. It has the power to trigger your customers emotionally, convince them to go for your product and to give a lasting impression on your product and brand.

Examples of products that can be 3D visualized can be found in my portfolio, but in essence the possibilities are endless. Examples are electronic appliances, industrial design products, packaging, automotive, etc.

What I can offer

• Product visualization in support of your design process.
• Finalized product visualization in different styles (e.g. realistic or a cartoon style).
• Finalized product visualization in the format for your media of choice.

What it can offer you

• Insight and support in preliminary product design.
• Make your product tangible for your audience.
• Create unrivaled attraction and appeal for your product.
• Marketing improvement in your media of choice, e.g. internet, printed, video, presentation.

Have a look at my portfolio for an overview of my previous work. Would you like to know more? Contact me and we can discuss all the possibilities I can offer you.