Tianqu Visuo XS816 Drone

Client: Personal project

This drone visualizations was made as part of my first Keyshot instructional course: Keyshot for Beginners. The model and visualizations were all made by myself.

You can visit my YouTube page to view the course video’s: Keyshot for Beginners Online Course Videos.

And if you would like to get the course video’s for offline viewing, or the Project files to follow along in the course, you can find all of those here: Keyshot for Beginners Course.

In my Keyshot for Beginners course you learn how to exactly replicate this amazing visualization of a drone. From beginning all the way to the end. No prior knowledge of Keyshot is required. You will be taught everything from, importing your model, assigning materials and textures. All the way up to making a final render and performing a complete post processing work flow.
This additional visualization of the drone was done for fun, to create a bit more of a dramatic lighting. And maybe I’ll make a “How to” video in the future for more advanced Keyshot users?