Aero 3D Studios

Hi, I’m Michael van der Mei. I work as a Freelance 3D Artist by the alias Aero 3D Studios.

I’m a Master of Science in Aerospace engineering, graduated from the University Of Technology in Delft.
It was during these studies that I came in touch with the art of 3D visualizations through a minor called Imagination at the faculty of Architecture. I was immediately sold and at the end of the minor I was even offered a job as student assistant by the organizers of the minor.

In my spare time a kept developing myself in the art of creating 3D visualizations. Before I knew it I had developed my skils to such a degree that I was teaching bachelor and master courses at the University, and even organizing the same minor that got me into 3D in the first place.

At a certain point it was time for me to graduate. After my graduation I got a good job as an engineer at Shell. But after working there for 4 years it became obvious to me that this was not the job for me. I couldn’t fool myself anymore, and I had to pursue my passion for making 3D visualizations again. As such I started Aero 3D Studios.

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My values

Aero in the name of Aero 3D studio refers to my Aerospace engineering background. Between all the different engineering disciplines, Aerospace engineering is always seen as a cut above the rest. It always demonstrates a consistent level of innovation, quality and reliability. Those values are also what I as Aero 3D Studios hold dear and try to pursue.

Overall, as Aero 3D studios, I strive towards an open and transparent relationship with clients and customers, where honesty and integrity are key.

My Work

Have a look at my portfolio for an impression of the products and services that I can offer.

What I offer

With a mix of creative skills and a variety of professional software I offer to bring your ideas to life through the power of 3D visualization. I provide this through: Animations, 3D Architecture & environments, Concept visualizations and Product visualizations.

Besides that I also offer services in the basic skills like making 3D models, textures or 2D imagery. Of course it is always possible to discuss any alternative requirements. Get in touch with me to find out more.


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Interested? Contact me and I’ll gladly discuss your wishes and all the possibilities.