Architecture & environment visualizations

Architecture and environmental visualizations offer many benefits for your project. On this page I will discuss the main benefits.

In addition, I will also demonstrate the many different options available to show your architecture and environment visualizations to your audience.

The benefits

  1. Convince customers and investors of your proposed design with the charm of an artist’s impression. Before the first brick has even needed to be lain.
  2. A real estate project is a significant investment. With an artist impression you can show in advance in a very realistic way what the final design will feel like.
  3. You provide a more engaging and impressive experience for your customers and investors.
  4. You can offer a more interactive experience to really experience an environment.
  5. Easily show alternative designs for the same location or interior space. These can be color variants, material variants or completely different environmental arrangements and styles.
  6. Provide a clear picture of a to be realized project in order to better manage project developers.

All of these benefits can be yours through the following options with regards to architecture and environmental visualizations:  

The different visualization options


1. Create high quality views

Let your customers and investors feel what your architectural design will look like before the project is realized and major investments are required.

2. Show time, weather and seasonal impressions

With architectural and environment visualizations, you can use contemporary software to give a beautiful impression of what your design will look like:

    • during different times of the day
    • different weather conditions
    • different seasons of the year
    • and even in different states of vegetational growth

Everything you need to better sell your design.

3. Online panorama views
Would you like to offer your customers more interactivity? To give them a better experience of what your design will actually feel like? Then online panoramic views are an ideal option for you
With predetermined fixed points in the to be realized environment, you can render panoramic views and offer a full 360 experience. Your customers can then move from point to point to view the complete surrounding.
4. Walk through the environment in real time

With the increasing power of processors and graphics cards, it is now even possible to virtually emerged your customers in your designs… in Real Time! The video below is a demo that was recorded showing how you can walk through a garden design as if you were in a video game. These options can also be expanded to Virtual Reality (VR). Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

5. Plan views

When an environment design needs to be realized, functional images such as floor plans are ideal tools. This allows you, for example, to perfectly inform project developers about how the environment should be generally set up.

6. Show different concepts for the same location or space

Artist impressions also offer the opportunity to show different designs for the same location or space. This allows you to experience the difference in feel for the space. Before it is actually constructed in real life.

The examples below are specifically interior examples. But it can also be applied to an exterior design.

You can design an environment completely different:

Concrete Office building Wayfinding
Office building Wayfinding

Or, for example, just adjust the color and style to the desired look:

Public Buildings - Restroom Blue Close-up
Public Buildings - Restroom Concrete close-up
Public Buildings - Restroom Luxury Close-up

If you would like to know more about all the options, please feel free to contact me via the button below:


What I offer

Concept development

Preliminary concept visualizations for every phase of a design.

3D model

Setting up a full 3D environment model.

Artist impression

Artist impressions of your architecture, exteriors & interiors, urban developments and more.

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