The Power of 3D Rendering: Interactive 3D animations

They say, a picture says more than a thousand words. Well an animation than speaks volumes. 3D rendering is a powerful tool that is used for making animations. One of the amazing things you can also do with it these days, is create an interactive 3D animation of the highest quality.

Let’s have a look at the examples below:

These are examples of production machines that have 72 pre-rendered frames. Each frame rendered from a slightly different angle. All of them are combined with a script to provide a circular interactive viewing experience around the product. This allows you to rotate around the machine and demonstrate the core features and design of your product.

Below is another example of a different product. The camera again moves in a circle around the product, but in this case the animation has more frames. Providing for an even smoother viewing experience:

And if you want you can even add some environment and stylized lighting to add some more drama to the look of the interactive animation. All to your liking:

In short: An Interactive 3D animation provides tremendous benefits in grabbing your audience’s attention, and with it to demonstrate your product to your audience and any possible new customers. An interactive animation, in combination with for example high-resolution close-ups of product details, is an excellent addition for any digital marketing campaign to convince your audience of your product.

Besides the examples shown above, you can also make more elaborate animations. Where you for example do not only move around your product, but you can also move over it. Or make a version where in the animation your product turns into an exploded view to show interior parts. That is why these previous interactive animations are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more is possible. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. Or leave any questions or remarks in the comments below?

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