Keyshot for Beginners – Chapter 1: Course Content

Every Week I’ll be posting a new chapter of my online video course: Keyshot for Beginners. Find “Chapter 1: Course Content” down below!


Chapter 1 of the beginner’s course for Keyshot provides an introduction to the course and it’s contents. Your host is introduced along with all the different topics that will be addressed in the course. Including the bonus items.


In this beginner’s course for Keyshot, all the things will be taught that are required to produce your own amazing product visualization in Keyshot. In the project phase of the course, you will be taught how to replicate the following image of a drone:

This will include demonstrating all the basics of Keyshot, and also some more advanced bonus techniques.

The following topics will be taught in this course:

  1. What ray tracing is
  2. A complete overview of the default Keyshot User interface
  3. How to properly prepare your model for import to Keyshot, and how to import your model
  4. Setting up your project scene with the model
  5. Assigning materials
  6. Applying textures
  7. Applying labels
  8. Positioning your camera
  9. Setting up your lighting environment
  10. Lighting settings
  11. Applying image styles
  12. Creating your render
  13. And off course making the final edit of your render in Photoshop

And besides that, the following bonus items will be demonstrated:

  1. How to make a water puddle effect in Keyshot
  2. Fake water droplets on your model
  3. Creating a custom ambient occlusion pass
  4. And creating custom masks in Keyshot


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Course Videos

  • 4,5 hours of voice overed, step by step, instructional videos in their original 4k quality resolution at 60 fps. Screen captured straight out of Keyshot and Photoshop.
  • 15 chapters, with each chapter subdivided into subchapters where relevant.
  • Video of each chapter as a whole (15 videos) and each subchapter (75 Videos) provided as a separate video, for your viewing convenience.

Project Files

  • Models: Various versions of the Drone model as featured in the instructional videos:
    • Low poly – OBJ and FBX format versions
    • High poly – OBJ and FBX format versions
  • Textures: All Textures as featured in the instructional videos (free Poliigon textures obtained separately here)
  • Scenes: Keyshot 11 final Drone scene .bip file.
  • Images: All renders as featured in the instructional videos:
    • Drone
    • Drone with water effects
    • Ambient Occlusion Pass
    • Drone mask
    • Propellers mask
    • Front screen mask
  • Images: Photoshop 2021 final edits .psd file for the Drone render and Drone render with water effects, as featured in the instructional videos.


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