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How to improve your 3D render: Quick post processing in 5 simple steps

The art of 3D rendering provides the ability to make images look larger than life. You have total control over the look and feel of your image. You can take ages to tweak the look to your desire. But you do not always have the time to go all out. That is why in this […]

How to Improve your 3D renders: Adding dust in Keyshot.

If you render out a 3D product on your computer, everything about it will look absolutely perfect. But if you want to create a more photorealistic product render, you have to understand that the world around us is not perfect. Objects contain, amongst other things, scratches, dents, smudges and dust. Those imperfection that come for […]

Hoe je 3D renders te verbeteren: Ambient Occlusion

Sommigen van jullie hebben er misschien wel eens van gehoord. Sommigen van jullie misschien nog niet. Sommigen hebben mogelijk een Occlusion materiaal gezien in je 3D software naar keuze. Andere van jullie hebben misschien een Occlusion pass in de render instellingen van je software opgemerkt. Maar wat is Ambient Occlusion precies? Waar is het goed […]