The power of 3D animations

With 3D animations you can bring your project to life. It gives a unique experience and added appeal that immediately grabs an audience’s attention. It offers you the ability to tell a story, to take your audience by the hand and show what your product is all about. Animation can range from a few seconds to complete feature films. But you can also think of animations for a presentation, supported by combinations of images and video. And all of this is made complete by the right music and/or voice-over.

A form fit for purpose

Off course a feature film is a bit farfetched, but there are many other forms in which an animation has an added benefit for your customers. E.g. demonstrate the workings of a product, providing a 360 remote view of a product, added styling of the product, improved information sharing, added interaction with the customer and many more.

The right styling

Animation can vary from a conceptual sketch style to a more photo realistic approach, from simple to complex. As each product is different it also requires that each animation has its own specific character.I can offer you the best approach for your product and set up storyboards in consultation with you before producing any kind of animation. It is often difficult to determine if your idea for an animation is resource intensive if you do not have any experience with producing them. Therefore contact me so we can discuss your ideas together and I can inform you of the possibilities.

Base model

Each 3D animation requires at least one 3D object/product that stars in the animation. It is the subject of the animation and it therefore needs to be produced as well. This digitized version of your product can also be used for other services I provide that can also be beneficial for your commercial and marketing ends. Or maybe the 3D animation can be the added feature for a project you already have running with me.

What I can offer

• Support in concepting and story boarding of your desired animation.
• 3D product base model for the animation that can be used for additional services as you desire.
• 3D animation according to your requirements (e.g. style and purpose).
• 3D animation in your required video format.

What it can offer you

Animations can offer you so much. A few of the examples are:

• Tell the story you want to tell and trigger the emotion for your product that it deserves.
• Added ability to create product character and branding.
• Instant attraction with your customers.
• Additional interaction with your customers.
• Improve information sharing efficiency and effectiveness.
• Demonstrate workings of your product.
• Provide a 360 remote view of your product.

And many more…

Have a look at my portfolio for an overview of my previous work. Would you like to know more? Contact me and we can discuss all the possibilities I can offer you.